This evident class of nanoparticle is produced fro bamboo feedstock by anaerobic pyrolysis at 500-600°C. It enriches the soil with enormous nutrients and serves as a nutrient reservoir. The increased surface area and adsorption capacity makes it highly applicable in agricultural field. It reduces the absolute fertilizer and periodic irrigation dependence.

The application of Nano Char is significant to agriculture, due to its physical and chemical properties.


  • This carbon sequester (C60) is suited for sustainable agriculture.
  • Retains moisture and desirable micro-nutrient by mitigating additional fertilizer and irrigation.
  • Enhanced root system diversity and density of pillars.
  • Nutralizes the pH thereby improving soil aggregate structure.
  • Provides healthy environment for the growth of beneficial microbes.
  • Maintains C:N (carbon:nitogen) ratio in the soil.


  • Nutrient Reserve: High mineral content ( K, Mg, Ca, Si, Mn, Zn etc)
  • pH Stabilizer: Improves and stabilizes the pH by reducing the amount of H+
  • Contamination Inhibitor: Restricts the contamination of soil by pesticides and heavy metals.
  • Organic Booster: Increases organic matter in the soil.
  • Highly Porous: Micro spores help in sheltering the beneficial microbes from extreme temperature.

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