By Foliar Spraying

2ml solution of ACUROSIL NANO+ per litre of water is used to prepare a solution which can be used as a foliar spray. The frequency of such spraying could vary depending on variety of factors and farmer should take advise of ACURO agronomist to decide spray schedule.

By Drenching

3 to 4ml solution of ACUROSIL NANO+ per litre of water is used for drenching. Frequency of drenching may be from twice a week to twice a month depending on the current status of the crop, disease history of the crop, the plantation area or of the nearby fields. Frequency also varies according to weather and age of the crop.

By Drip Irrigation

1 lt solution of ACUROSIL NANO+ per litre of irrigation water is fed to the plants through drip irrigation system. Using this solution once a fortnight leads to elimination of biofilm in the drip pipelines and prevention of clogging of nozzles due to slime build-up.


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